Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselling & Support

Embark on a holistic journey through the transitions of motherhood with compassionate guidance.

The anticipation of motherhood often comes with preconceived ideas and expectations, creating a natural but sometimes dysregulating and disappointing experience when reality begins to unfold. At Soulful Balance, we understand the emotional complexities of this transition and offer Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselling to support you through the various challenges.

Postpartum mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and rage, can affect many women and their partners after giving birth. Feelings of guilt, confusion, resentment, and anxiety may linger for weeks or months, impacting your ability to bond with your baby and care for yourself and your relationships. Our counselors are here to provide a safe space for you to navigate these emotions and find joy amidst the challenges.

Postpartum Counselling allows you to grapple with the responsibility of fiercely loving your tiny dependent human while managing the anticipation of potential crises. It provides an opportunity to share the realities of new motherhood openly, addressing fears and concerns that may be challenging to express elsewhere. You don't have to face these struggles alone.

At Soulful Balance, we acknowledge the dualities of motherhood – the simultaneous love for your baby and the frustrations, the enjoyment of motherhood while missing aspects of your previous life. Postpartum counselling is a transformative journey where you can find your new normal amidst these contradictory feelings and experiences. Our therapists will guide you to tackle fears and self-criticism, empowering you to feel more confident in the decisions you make during this profound phase of life.

Areas of Treatment:

  • Postpartum depression
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Birth Trauma
  • Support for moms with a baby in NICU
  • Premature delivery of baby
  • Body image issues
  • Transition into motherhood
  • Loss of identity
  • Support and help for a new mom
  • Feeding decisions like breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding
  • Self-care while trying to juggle it all

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