Navigating This Difficult Journey Together

In 2018, the Mood Disorders Society of Canada found that 34% of Canadians were stressed to the point where that impacted their lives. 23% of Canadians were stressed to the point of feeling unable to cope, and about 11.6% reported a mood or anxiety disorder. True, these percentages are relatively low (thank goodness!), but in 2018, there were just over 37 million people living in Canada. That means that out of those 37 million people, 12,580,000 people’s lives were impacted by the stress they experienced, 8,510,000 people felt that they couldn’t cope with the stress they experienced, and 3,000,000 people had a mood or anxiety disorder. That’s a lot of people. We share these numbers not to intimidate or frighten you, but to assure you that you’re not alone. You’re not weak, weird, crazy, or way off–you’re experiencing something that millions of Canadians from all walks of life go through, and we’re here to help.

Individual In-Person Counselling

Some of our therapists offer walk-and-talk sessions in local parks and other outdoor areas! This provides a non-intimidating setting where people can feel more comfortable discussing sensitive areas and issues they’re working through with the support of an empathetic non-judgmental, knowledgeable professional. (Please be advised that this setting is exercised exclusively at the discretion of the therapist–speak to him or her personally if you’d like to discuss this option.)

Online Counselling

We want to meet you where you are, not where we need you to be. Our team understands that both time and resources are precious, and not everyone is within driving distance of a therapist they click with or who specializes in their particular area of concern. That’s why we offer online sessions conducted from the comfort and safety of your own home. No traffic, no drive-time, no looking for childcare–just click the link! Online sessions are just as effective as in-person meetings and make us more accessible to a greater number of Canadians in a wider variety of circumstances.

Couples Counselling

It’s common to face a variety of obstacles in your relationship and you aren’t always going to have the skills you need to navigate them in a way that feels easy or effective. Couples counselling can provide you with the support you need in order to learn the new skills to navigate the things that are thrown your way. Having a neutral party to listen and to provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space to process your thoughts and emotions, and communicate them in a way that allows you to come to a new understanding and confidence in moving forward. Couples counselling can help you learn how to communicate in a way that you feel heard and validated, while helping you to build the trust in your relationship.

Infertility Counseling

One of the most meaningful adventures women embark on is that of motherhood. For some women, though, the adventure is more like an arduous journey, filled with uncertainty, disappointment, and heartbreak. Infertility touches all parts of your life–your understanding of yourself and your life-goals, your financial resources, and your relationship with your partner. Counseling gives you the opportunity to talk about your feelings in a suppo

Postpartum Support

After the baby shower gifts are unwrapped and your labour and delivery are over , there you are with your beautiful new baby. There are so many emotions that this brings up–excitement, fear, wonder, anxiety, and fatigue, just to name a few! We want you to know that you’re not alone. Being a mom can be challenging. Finding an hour in your week to share with a supportive, well-trained therapist can be a gift you give yourself, your partner, and your baby.

Life Coaching & Positive Psychology

We’re all at different parts in the same journey–the journey to realize who we are, what we want, and how to thrive both as individuals and members of society. Some of us are trying to leap over obstacles, others have fatigue from running on the same path, and some are scaling mountains in the middle of a snowstorm. Wherever you are on this journey–whether it’s in postpartum depression and anxiety, feeling stuck in the routine of everyday life, or struggling to cultivate positive and effective coping strategies–we’re here for you. We want to listen to you, to support you, and partner with you in this process. That’s why we offer a wide range of counselling, coaching, and therapeutic services tailored to (you guessed it) you and your needs to support you in your goals for your wellness.

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Burnout & Overwhelm

Life Coaching

Prenatal & Postpartum Areas of Support

When people think of maternal mental health, they typically just think of “postpartum depression” but there are many different mental health diagnoses in the perinatal period that we can help with.

If you are a mother in the Hamilton, Dundas, Burlington, Waterdown or Oakville area and want to discuss support for postpartum depression, please reach out.

Prenatal & Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Bipolar

Prenatal & Postpartum Anxiety

Postpartum PTSD & Birth Trauma

Prenatal & Postpartum OCD

Postpartum Psychosis

Our Approach

The world of pregnancy and parenthood comes with a lot of noise and uncertainty. We help you drown out that noise and tune in to your intuition using evidence-based approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and narrative therapy. We help clients process the spectrum of emotions and thoughts that surface during pregnancy and in life after birth. You likely have a lot of questions, and we can help you process and answer those questions.

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